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By bus:
The best and safest way to get around Paros is by bus. There are very good & frequent bus connections all around the island and they are cheap,between 1,60 and 2,20 Euro, in the night around 3 Euro, and usually very punctual.

The main bus stations in Parikia and Naoussa are open most of the day and provide you with free photocopies of the timetable. There are new timetables approximately once every week or 10 days, as there are busses added to the schedule until the high season, when the busses run very frequently and even all through the night.

Even during the low season there are busses approx. every hour between Parikia and Naoussa, the island's most important towns, until about midnight.

Note: Busses also stop for you in the middle of nowhere, so if you see one and want to hop on it, just wave! If you are on it and want to get off somewhere, just give the bus driver a sign!



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Motorcycles and Mopeds:
One of the most popular means of getting around the island(s) is motorbikes and mopeds. They are fairly cheap (from ~ 10 Euro & upwards per day, depending on model and season) and have a great advantage: you can go wherever you like. As the roads on Paros are all pretty good compared to other islands, Paros might be ideal for using this form of transportation. It's also convenient if you like to discover the last corners where the bus won't get you, or you want to go to a remote beach that is not close enough to the bus stop.

Renting a car is also a good way to go around the island. You can find all kinds of models, from a small Fiat Panda to a Jeep Vitara! Of course this is more expensive than a motorbike (prices range from approx. 25 Euro & upwards per day, depending on model and season), but the advantages are that the car will carry more people than a motorbike and you can share the fare, plus it is safer!

However, there are a few important points you should consider:

  • Only drive if you have a licence! Even if motorbike rentals or car rentals don't ask for your licence! If they don't and the police pick you up or you have an accident, you will be in *big* trouble. (Tip: If you forgot your licence at home, you can have it faxed to you and you will be able to get a car after all!)
  • Always wear a helmet! Motorbike hirers must be able to provide you with helmets. Unfortunately there are many accidents throughout the season and it's expensive if the police stops you. Police controls are frequent.
  • The roads are tricky - hilly and slippery! Beware of sharp, unexpected corners. Wear your seat belt!
  • Watch out for "crazy drivers". The most dangerous drivers are the inexperienced ones, many riding a moped or motorcycle for the first time or not used to driving on the right side of the road!
  • Take care that your bike or your car is in order before you take off! Some get only little to no maintenance - check the brakes, water level & oil before you take off!
  • Don't necessarily take the cheapest bike or car you can find, if you do make sure the motorcycle & the car rental offers service and keeps the bikes & the cars in shape. Some offer good prices but charge extra fees if you get stranded somewhere and need to be picked up.
  • Make sure you always have your papers with you (police controls!), including the contract with the motorcycle hirer's or the car rental's telephone number! 
  • Fuel: Usually you return the bike or the car with the same amount of fuel that you got it with. If the tank was empty, you can return it empty. Reconfirm with the hirer before you depart.
  • BEWARE: If you have an accident or damage the vehicle in any way, you will be held responsible - check beforehand for insurance coverage! If you don't understand the fineprint in the contract, ask!

By bicycle:
For people who are very fit (steep hills!!!) it is a nice and ecological way to travel around the island, and the roads on Paros are fairly good. You can rent bikes for little money (around 7 Euro per day.
But I'd just like to mention a few things. First, all the tips I've given you for cars and motorbikes apply, PLUS:

  • The roads are not only tricky and steep, but also narrow, and it can be dangerous due to cars and motorbikes overtaking you at high speed. When you are cycling, be sure to ride behind one another, not next to each other!
  • Beware of the heat (sunstroke)! Take enough water with you!

Certainly a beautiful way to discover the island, slowly and peacefully. Very enjoyable during the low season, when it isn't so hot, especially in the spring, when there are flowers everywhere! Discover the nature, unusual plants, herbs, hidden monasteries, old windmills, a lighthouse ... things that you are not likely to find along the main road.

Where to walk? There is one famous and beautiful walking route: The "Byzantine Trail" (from the town Lefkes down to the sea). A good idea is to choose a route connecting two towns that are not too far away from each other (unless you are very fit ;-)!), and just start walking. Be sure to take a map with you! In case you get lost or tired, try to find the next main road and wait for the bus or hitch a ride (see next chapter).

We do not recommend it, as everyone knows it *can* be dangerous, but it is very common around the islands. Many islanders will stop willingly and give you a ride to wherever you want. You might experience nice things, being invited to a farm and offered fresh goat milk or something like that.

Note: Don't stick your thumb out, as it could be considered as an insult, just wave or hold your arm out! Never do it if you are a single female!

Boat taxi:
A very common means of transportation on the Greek Islands are little boat taxis (former fishing boats!) that take you to the various beaches. Nice, traditional and cheap way to get somewhere. (Prices are like the busses'!) Not to be recommended on a windy day if you get seasick easily!
Otherwise very safe.

Taxis in Greece are government controlled, so don't hesitate to hop on a taxi, it might save you some hassle like waiting for a bus. But don't forget: taxi-drivers all over the world are tricky at times!

Here some tips for successful taxi driving:

  • Don't stick your thumb out, as it could be considered as an insult, just wave!
  • Make sure the taxi-driver has his taximeter on.
  • Don't agree on arranging prices, unless you are going very far and *really* think the price is reasonable!
  • Don't worry if the taxi-driver takes more people in on the way. It is common in Greece - however, if it is done the right way, the fare is to be shared!
  • Wear your seat belt, even if he doesn't tell you to or maybe, tells you *not* to! He might even protest against you putting it on, considering it a personal insult towards his driving skills ;-). Don't worry, what's more important - your life or his ego? (He probably won't be wearing it himself, and legally he doesn't have to, either.)
  • Taxi drivers usually don't mind smoking, as they most likely smoke themselves!
  • Sometimes people have problems finding a taxi from Piraeus to the airport, as the taxi-drivers, for some reason, don't like going there. Either take the bus ("X96" goes regularly directly to the airport and is much cheaper), or be tricky, just open the door and get into the taxi, then tell the driver where you want to go. If you are desperate (maybe in a rush!), look for a policeman to help you!
  • During the high season, a taxi is the most difficult thing to find on the islands, so if you need one, make sure you organize it in time.

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