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Most of the islands around the Aegean Sea are sailed to every day. There are from approx. 10 ferries in the low season to about 35 in the high season arriving in Paros every day from Piraeus, Rafina and the islands. Plus, there are High Speeds for quick travelling from Piraeus to Paros, but also from Naxos, Santorin, Crete and several other islands. They are very comfortable and modern.

To give you an idea about the prices and how long the trips are, here a few examples:

Normal ferry:
Paros - Piraeus: 35 Euro 4 hrs
Paros - Santorini: 18 Euro 3 hrs
Paros - Naxos: 10 Euro 1 hr
Highspeed ferry or catamaran:
Paros - Piraeus: 50 Euro 2,5 hrs
Paros - Santorini: 32 Euro 2 hrs
Paros - Naxos: 15 Euro 30 min

 For ferry schedules and booking tickets in advance go here :    Go Ferry

Some important points for you:

  • Do not expect ferry schedules to be ready too long in advance. Often they are only finalized shortly before the ferries actually run. You will get most reliable info from around 2 weeks before your trip, NOT 6 months before! And do not expect the Internet timetables to be 100% reliable...
  • Transportation between Paros and Mykonos can be tricky, but since last year not only hydrofoils are used. Highspeeds and normal ferries are coming and leaving more than 3 times per day. They are travelling up to 9 Beaufort. But as there is an international airport in Mykonos, it would be wise to inform you about the weather situation.
  • Weather changes quickly on the islands! (See also: Weather!)
  • Prices are slightly different from travel agent to travel agent, as each travel agent represents a different company. Boat tickets being slightly more expensive on your way back may surprise you, bit it is right due to special port taxes.
  • Try to avoid old boats.
  • Always cross-examine information in several different travel agencies to make sure you get the right information. Do not rely on information that the weather will "certainly" be good - even if it looks as if it might not change! If there are cancellations, you will be able to exchange tickets.
  • Please!!! DO NOT rely on the last boat to take you to your destination. At least take the second before last to make sure you do not miss your flight! (We have seen it happen - often!)


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