Phones and Infos

Important information: Where ever you are, you dial the area code, too!

The code for Greece from abroad is 0030. The initial "00" is often also displayed as: "+"

(Tourist-) Police Parikia 100 / 2284023333 Central Square, Parikia, opposite port area, behind windmill
(Tourist-) Police Naoussa 2284051202 Area "Vounali" up on hill above Piperi Beach
Port Police Parikia 2284021240 100 m left of the harbour, before Ancient Cemetery
Port Police Naoussa 2284051250 Naoussa centre
Taxis Parikia 2284021500 Central Square, Parikia
Busses 2284021113 100 m left of harbour, along waterfront
Airport 2284091257 Aliki
Olympic Airways Office 2284022092-3 In the Polos Tours agency now
Hospital/Ambulance 2284022500 / 2284022502 50 m from port, turning left
Private Medical Centre 2284024410 After 70 m (left) along waterfront, little street before Memphis Bar, follow
and M.C. is around the corner left
Fire Brigade 2284051999 / 2284052999  
Post Office Parikia 2284021236 450 m left of harbour, just past "Ancient Cemetery"
Post Office Naoussa 2284051495 Centre of Naoussa, uphill near Church
Ambulance 166  
Directory Enquiries 131  
International Operator 161  
Weather Report 149  

descriptions: *looking from the port, facing town*

When calling from a foreign mobile phone, dial the country code each way, Greece's for a call withing Greece, and your home country code for dialling home.


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