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When you're drinking a coffee or having a small snack, it is best to leave some change, however not less than 0,40 Euro, and when out for dinner or in the night it should be about 1 Euro or more.

Don't forget the cleaner of your accommodation, a little tip in-between or when you leave is a decent gesture and might work wonders on how she cleans your room.

NO! Some respect should be shown! Many churches have signs outside, but it shouldn't be done anywhere. Unfortunately there are people who don't pay attention to the signs, which is a shame. It is also not nice to see people walking through the towns or around supermarkets half-naked (which happens). Be polite!

If you have read this website, no ;-)! But honestly, it depends on how detailed you want your information. There are plenty of travel guides with a lot of great information, but it's not necessary to stick to them like they are a bible. Things change quickly and the information may not be up to date, it may be incomplete and the writer probably doesn't know everything.

We have experienced people insisting on things that were written in a book that simply were not right. And beside the few hotels the travel guides mention, the islands offer many more just as good or even better places. Just open your eyes and look around yourselves, discover things without the book. (There are people who don't walk one step without their travel guide!)

Some travel guides we recommend:

"Let's Go Greece"
The "Lonely Planet" Greek Islands

If it is a serious case, call an ambulance or the hospital. (Telephone-numbers see list!) Ask a local for help if you don't know what to do. There is a public hospital in Parikia where you will be treated for free, but if possible take your ID and any health-insurance ID you have with you.

If it is not an emergency, it may be enough to go to a pharmacy. The pharmacists are highly trained and can help you in many cases.

Actually, they don't really nod, it just looks like that if you don't pay attention. When they mean no, they lift their heads slightly, lift their eyebrows and sometimes click their tongue, too. Sometimes they just lift their eyebrows, which is hardly noticeable.

The opposite happens when Greeks mean yes; they sort of turn their head "diagonally" which seems like they are shaking it. It is a bit confusing if you are not familiar with it.

It is never polite to film somebody without asking him first. Unfortunately there are people who go around taking pictures of or filming others without asking them, which is very annoying. Just imagine what you would feel like if some stranger just pointed his video camera at you! Just because it is a holiday resort, it doesn't mean it's a zoo ;-)!

It is a monthly newspaper published by and for the (big) foreign community and others in Paros. It only costs 1 Euro and is sold in a few stores and travel agencies. It has a lot of information that might be interesting and useful to you, like news about the island, restaurant ads and telephone numbers. Also good information on the animal help situation!

Purchase, subscribe and contact Paros Life or read it online here:

Paros Life

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